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School's out. Vacation days are booked. University is done for another year. You have 3 uninterrupted months of Summer to enjoy, but you've already seen everything good on Netflix and need a great excuse to get out of doggysitting Alfie next door. What do you do? The Summer Pass from gives you unlimited access to learn from hundreds of magic tricks, sleights, projects & interviews for 3 months only, for just $39. It's like getting a variety sharing platter for two at a restaurant, but only paying for a children's meal. So much content. Ridiculously low price. You can't ever guarantee the weather, but you can guarantee that no matter what day, what time or what device you're streaming from, Magic Stream will always be there. Coins, cards, mentalism, cardistry. It's all here to learn immediately. Grab your summer pass and get a taste of what it's like to be a full member, for less than half the price. Sign up for the scorcher.

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There are Ellusionist best sellers in MagicStream, many of them. Tricks that cost other magicians thousands upon thousands of dollars to own. With the Magic Stream annual subscription you will unlock our full library for a whole year. Getting access to over 200 titles (with more added each week) overflowing with tricks, sleights and valuable theory on magic. Compared to our legacy members who currently pay $12.99 per month, this is a saving of OVER $56. Join thousands of magicians who are getting better by the second. It may just be the best $100 you ever spend.

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Billed once, this subscription unlocks 2 amazing years of magic. Immerse yourself in a world of tricks and performance ideas that were specifically built to make you better. Magic Stream is now over 2 years old and in that time we've released hundreds of titles, amassed thousands of members and streamed over 270 million seconds of magic tuition. Imagine what we'll do in the next 2 years... Compared to our legacy members who currently pay $12.99 per month, this is a saving of OVER $132. Sign up and you receive tens of thousands of dollars worth of magic at your fingertips. All it takes is a click.

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Billed once, this subscription gives you access to MagicStream's platform for 3 amazing years. Compared to our legacy members who currently pay $12.99 per month, this is a saving of OVER $218. Commit to your training, and these outrageous discounts are yours. The platform grows at an exponential rate, with the top names in magic and performance contributing to an unlimited library of the latest tricks, theory and ideas. Years from now, you might have your own Vegas show. Promise you won't forget us when you hit the big-time. Today is where it started.

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