SloMo Sandwich by Lloyd Barnes

A sandwiched selection that melts into view.

Lloyd Barnes has an incredible knack for taking already impressive feats of magic and making them seem… somehow… real. Absolutely impossible, incredibly visual - but real. The SloMo Sandwich is no exception.

Two aces are removed from a deck of cards while a spectator chooses and signs a card, before returning it to the middle of the deck. The deck is fairly squared, and the face up aces set to work locating the spectator’s selection.

The performer rubs the empty spot between the two slightly spread ‘finder’ cards. Unbelievably, a single card s-l-o-w-l-y melts into view under the fingertips.

The performer even pauses halfway through the appearance, showing the impossible image of only part of the selection sandwiched by the two aces. The transformation continues and the full card comes into view, before cleanly being turned over to show the spectator’s signature. All three cards may be immediately handed out for inspection.

The Sandwich Plot may be a classic of magic, but Lloyd Barnes just brought it into the 21st century.