Anything from Ben Williams

Words, names, birthdays, personal information… ANYTHING.

This staggering prediction routine from Ben Williams brings a practical twist to the “One ahead” technique, and allows you to predict almost anything. This is a routine that can be impromptu and performed at any time, in a performance setting or just out in the streets.

Anything is a very efficient way of performing a prediction routine that can be done with… 

No peaks or impressions

Performed at anytime

Done in multiple variations

      Ben Williams will have you reading minds in minutes, taking you through this devious routine with excellent coaching and experience. Williams also adds almost an hour of bonus tips and tricks that will ensure you are blowing the minds of all your spectators.

      This 100% accurate, easy to do routine is available now on Magic Stream. I’m reading your mind right now… I know you’re going to watch it. Streaming now.