Artifice Mini Tricks by Adam Wilber and Daniel Madison

5 tricks to uncover the power trapped within your mini deck. 

We created this download as a type of inspiration, to show you just some of the things possible with the mini deck. However - you're only limited by your imagination as to how you incorporate the Artifice Mini decks into your magic.

This download contains two of our favorite routines with a mini deck - Daniel Madison's 'Card Stab' and Brad Christian's 'HeadShrinker'.

In Card Stab, a card is freely chosen from the mini deck, before being shuffled by the spectator. The cards are then dribbled from a height, and a standard deck sharply riffled in the cascade of falling cards. When the cards stop falling, a single mini-card is seen protruding from the deck. It's removed - and found to be the selected card, trapped between two aces in the middle of the deck.

With HeadShrinker, Brad Christian teaches how to take a single, selected card and shrink it down to half its size with just the wave of the hand. This single effect absolutely stuns spectators, as it's so unexpected, and a 'mini deck' is not something most laymen will know even exists.

You can purchase the download outright - or get it free when you buy the full set of Artifice Mini Decks, available here.