Cell Break by Justin Miller

An out-of-the-box coin routine.

This is not a card routine. This is not a traditional coin routine. This is a whole different out-of-the-box effect… and that’s what we like about it.

Four coins are borrowed from a spectator and placed on top of a card case. The spectator is asked to choose a coin to use for the effect, and the other three coins are handed back, to be kept in their closed fist.

With their chosen coin sitting on top of the card box, the performer gently presses down, and with a rub, the coin has penetrated the cellophane of the box. It is now visibly trapped under plastic, unable to move!

With a wave of the hand over the box, the coin disappears from sight - having escaped the confines of the cellophane. The spectator is asked to open their hand, revealing their chosen coin has now jumped to join the other three.

Building on a concept discovered by David Williamson, Justin Miller has created a routine that leaves audiences in stunned silence as they try to backtrack and solve what they’ve just seen. This is Cell Break.