Crash Course in Cards 2 : Ambitious Card

Twisted moves and unparalleled teaching in Crash-2 give you the ability to pull hard hitting reactions from spectators consistently. 

Don't even think this is like any other video you've seen.

"...a WEALTH of information on sleights, performances, spectator control, routining, angles, and how to practice."
- Roy Ornelas, TX

The ambitious card routine is a miracle of magic, tried and tested and proven

The routine uses a myriad of moves to create an end result of a [signed] card repeatedly placed into the center of the pack and then rising to the top, apparently unstoppable.

The basic plot allows much creativity on the part of the magician: depending on the sleights and knowledge you have you can make the card suddenly disappear and reappear on the top of the deck, fly from the spectators hands, appear in your shoe, tear it, bend it, break it ----- and still it rises to the occasion.

Each part of the routine leaves the spectator more breathless.

The routine, however, with cards so you can make any area your stage and command attention. This is showmanship that you get either with a LOT of experience, or learning it from a top pro who has gone through it all. You'll learn:• What nerves REALLY are and how to not let them stop you.
• How to break down a move to find amazing hidden possibilities.
• Techniques to make your performance natural.
• How to routine your MOVES & your ACT.
• How to flow naturally from one thing to the next in your show... what works and what doesn't.
• Techniques to maximize reactions 100% of the time.
• How to create an *intimate* atmosphere with people you have just walked up to.
• Learn the techniques to disarm spectators right from the beginning of a routine
• How to command authority when you perform