False Messiah Vanish by Justin Miller

Inspired by the sorcery of Sankey, this coin vanish is scarily good.

With so much Justin Miller goodness being released this year, we figured it high time some of the love was exclusively directed the way of our Black Club Members, so we're happy to present the False Messiah Vanish by Justin Miller - available only to you, our Black Club Members.

Did we say available? We meant 'Free'.

A coin is pushed from the fingertips of one hand into the palm of the other. The fist is closed and the back of the hand rubbed. Immediately both hands can be shown empty - the coin has vanished.

The False Messiah vanish is a kind of homage to Jay Sankey's 'Messiah Vanish' - however it contains a twist that allows the hands to be shown clean after the coin vanishes. This is a simple, pleasing effect that will turn any card man to coins.