Gimmick It Yourself from Ben Williams

Ben Williams brings you the ultimate DIY guide to building five outstandingly slick gimmicks, that are practical, easy to use and adaptable to anyone’s working repertoire. Williams has spent years perfecting each gimmick and the routines he uses them in, and he is now ready to share…

Gimmick It Yourself includes: 

Off Balance: Gravity?… Who needs it! Using this gimmick you can bend the laws of physics by suspending a borrowed item impossibly off your hand. 

S.O.S: Take the ring of your finger, slowly toss it back and forth, and it’s gone. Only to be found secured tightly around a marker. 

Shadow: The ultimate prediction envelope. Show the shadow of your prediction inside the envelope, then once removed the thoughts of your spectator are divined right onto the paper that was waiting the whole time. (Guaranteed mind-blower) 

Stash:  The most practical playing card hold out we've seen, allowing you to produce any card or cards from a spectator shuffled deck. 

Enveload:  Drop the wallet, and grab the envelope. Enveload enables you to a load an envelope without a wallet. This is a very sneaky method, that can be used in all of your performances. 

Throughout this two hour tutorial you will be shown the most affordable way to make each of these gimmicks and how to use them in your everyday magic. Ben will show you his personal routines with all five of the gimmicks, guaranteed to get a mind-blowing reaction… every time.