Marcus Eddie AMA

Ellusionist sat down with Marcus Eddie for an insightful AMA for Magic Stream, gaining insight into the world of professional magic. 

Marcus Eddie is a performer, consultant and a magic creator. With appearances all over the world including stops at the Magic Castle and the Magic Lounge. While also performing on shows like Wizard Wars and Penn & Teller Fool us. 

Eddie has also been a consultant behind the scenes for many world renowned magicians like DMC, Justin Willman and David Blaine. Working on multiple famed magic specials like Magic for Humans and Beyond Magic.

This is one man's mind you'll want to see unlocked.

Marcus Eddie has created many of his own classic magic tricks, finding gold in his dynamic rubber band effects including Magic Stream favorite Arm Band.

This AMA gives you the chance to step into the mind of a professional magician, too peak behind the curtain of the years of experience and insight Marcus Eddie bring with him.

Experience it now…