No Bacco by J.T. Chalatsis

Magic Stream users under 18 years old, please ask permission before learning this effect.

Smoking is one of the hardest habits to kick, J.T. Chalatsis has the fix. With No Bacco we take that smoke right out of your mouth and switch it with something a little healthier. Imagine with a wave of your hand that cigarette transforms into a lollipop, card, bill or anything else you can think of.

This eye boggling effect is a deviously simple technique that can be learned in seconds, and can be used in multiple ways from sparking up your reveals to just being a mind blowing switch routine. All you need to do is make the gimmick, learn the straightforward sleight of hand and you’re on your way.

This is yet another amazing installment to Magic Stream’s “Homegrown” section, J.T. Chalatsis has submitted many killer effects and this is just the start. Make sure you tune in every week to see what’s new on Magic Stream. Learn No Bacco today.