Shocking Transpo by Daniel Chard

Instant productions and surprise transitions.

Instantly produce a four of a kind at the snap of the fingers - then take it to the next level by switching all four cards... Twice.

Daniel Chard has created a version of Paul Harris’s ‘Reset’ that takes it out of the realm of packet trick and into a masterpiece using a full deck. Four Kings are produced in a flash, and then instantly changed into the four aces. The Aces are placed aside and the Kings shuffled back into the deck.

The performer explains that he can locate all four Kings in the shuffled deck with just a shuffle - and with a quick riffle, the cards are turned over… to show the four Aces. The four cards put aside at the beginning are turned over - to reveal the four Kings.

Daniel Chard is rapidly making a name for himself and his particular brand of fast-paced, eye-catching magic. Learn Shocking Transpo and get hooked on this next up-and-comer now.