Smoking For Two - Justin Miller

The Powerful Cigarette Routine that gets Amazing Reactions.

The undisputed standout effect from Justin Miller’s ‘Bold Volume 2’, Smoking For Two is a torn and restored cigarette on steroids. Forget what you think you know about cigarette routines - smoking may be out of fashion, but this effect is always HOT.

An open pack of cigarettes are borrowed from a spectator, and the remaining cigarettes counted, before one is withdrawn by the spectator. The cigarette is given to the performer who begins to talk about the best way to quit smoking - and with that, the cigarette is torn in half.

However, as will power fades, sometimes you wish you could just go back in time and undo things. With a rub of the broken pieces under the elbows, the cigarette is slowly, visually, pieced back together, and handed out for inspection. There are no rips, tears or damage to the cigarette. It is completely restored.