The Premier Control by Lloyd Barnes

Slick, streamlined and invisible.

In his first release with Ellusionist, Lloyd Barnes showcases his aesthetics-first take on magic with the perfect, invisible single card control.

In over twenty minutes of explanation, Lloyd discusses the psychology, nuances and framing of this streamlined control that ensures it flies under the radar in every performance.

A single card is chosen from a spread, returned to the deck, and the deck squared. Without any cover, funny angles or finger-crippling manoeuvres, the card has been controlled to the top of the deck.

Featuring two methods of control - a 'graceful' and 'heckler' version - Lloyd Barnes proves that when aesthetics are at the forefront of methodology, all that remains is the only top control you’ll ever need. And it’s as slick as you can get.

Download The Premier Control now.

Note: Although Lloyd provides extensive crediting of the masters who came before him in the download, just prior to release we were made aware of a case of independent creation of this effect, which neither Lloyd nor Ellusionist had previously seen. Therefore, we would also like to include Hanna van Veen among those who deserve credit for the creation of this work.